We are always looking for motivated scholars to join our group. If you have external funding or are interested in applying to fellowship funding, please email Amir directly with a CV and brief (~1 page) statement of research interests. Check out Yale Office for Postdoctoral Affairs for more resources.  

PhD Students 

Prospective graduate students interested in our group should apply directly to Yale PhD program in Chemical Engineering through the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, indicating an interest in our group’s work. If you are interested in biological applications of our research, please indicate on your application your intention to also join the Yale Physical & Engineering Biology (PEB) Integrated Graduate Program.

Undergraduate Students

If you are a current Yale College student interested in conducting research in the Haji-Akbari Group, please email Amir describing your research interests. No previous research experience is required. Note that students are not permitted to volunteer in research labs and must either be enrolled in a program for undergraduate students or hired as an employee. 

Undergraduate students are encouraged to check the Yale Undergraduate Research website. Note in particular, the Yale College First-Year Summer Research Fellowship in the Sciences & Engineering, and the Science, Technology and Research Scholars (STARS) Program.

Visitors and Summer Students

Undergraduate students from outside of Yale are welcome to participate in summer research through Yale NSF REU Program in Physics, Engineering and Biology, and Yale Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). Recent college graduates who wish to pursue a research career are welcome to participate in the Emerging Scholars Initiative (ESI) post-baccalaureate program sponsored by Yale GSAS.